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Success when communicating in public settings demands more than a pretty face and a silver tongue. Your strategy and your message must be airtight.

The most direct route to advancing both your business and public policy goals as well as your career is guided by the steady hand of an experienced communications consultant.

Ed Barks works with you to determine what communications strengths you already possess, and which you need to sharpen. You receive a flexible program that suits your precise needs. No one-size-fits-all programs here.

Once you chart your communications course, you have the flexibility to work with Ed once a week, once a month, or anything in between. In addition, you get telephone and email consultation and preferred professional fees on full-scale training workshops.

And you receive each of his three books:

Who should take advantage of an individual consulting engagement with Ed Barks?

  • An executive who needs to drive their company to the top, then keep it there
  • A key opinion leader who is continually frustrated by an inability to overcome a public speaking shortfall
  • The manager who wants to accelerate their career path
  • A subject matter expert who trembles during media interviews
  • Corporate and association communications teams who suffer from a lack of respect in the C-suite
  • An authority with a high stakes speaking or media interview opportunity staring them in the face
  • The professional who cannot get the hang of using presentation software
  • The government relations executive who needs to ramp up the performance of their bosses when they deal with policymakers

An individual communications consulting engagement represents a significant investment of both time and money on your part, so allow us to offer one more piece of advice: When seeking the consultant who matches your needs, be sure to find one with a strong background in communications. A nebulous devotion to “life balance” or “personal improvement” should set your alarm bells ringing. So, too, should an individual who trumpets competence as a speaker, seminar leader, life coach, diversity trainer, hypnotist, leadership guru, negotiation expert, actor/dancer/singer, etc. You deserve a pro with real world communications strategy experience.

To determine whether we are a good fit for your particular situation, call Ed Barks at (703) 533-0403.

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