The Truth About Public Speaking: The Three Keys to Great Presentations

Life’s rewards typically go to skilled communicators. Your forum may be a speech to the National Press Club, a pitch to your C-suite, or as a panelist at your association’s annual meeting. The fact is influencers need to speak in public.

That’s why Ed has published a refreshed second edition of The Truth About Public Speaking: The Three Keys to Great Presentations. When you read it, you’ll benefit from his comprehensive, easy to remember system that pulls together all the crucial elements that go into a winning presentation.

You will discover how to:

      • Convey confidence when speaking before any audience
      • Persuade, educate, or inform your listeners
      • Reduce anxiety when addressing a roomful of people
      • Get rid of annoying nonverbal habits
      • Utilize visual aids and presentation software effectively
      • Refuse to be sidetracked by off-point or hostile questions
      • Craft and deliver a magnetic message
      • Find friendly faces in any audience

The power of public speaking is the engine that drives today’s professional to secure a new job or promotion, outperform competitors, shine in front of the boss, and climb the ladder in community and political affairs.

If you aspire to anything beyond run-of-the-mill, you need the second edition of The Truth About Public Speaking. It empowers you with solid presentation skills, advancing your career, generating more sales for your business, carrying the day for your public policy issues, and earning esteem in the eyes of your peers.

“Ed’s style and his book are very much grounded in the real world.  The Truth About Public Speaking offers advice that aids speakers whether they plan to address the local United Way chapter or the United Nations.

“I have witnessed on the stage of world events time and again how crucial communications skills are. Whether your stage is global or local, I suggest you build your success on a solid speaking platform. The contents of these pages will help you achieve that success.”

— Former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell

“This book crammed full of Ed’s knowledge can work for you. Professional victories come to those with gold-plated communications skills. In The Truth About Public Speaking, Ed maps out the path to speaking success.

“You may be involved in professional sports, like I am, or any other endeavor. I am here to tell you this book can make a difference in your career and your life whether you are a business executive, athlete, philanthropic leader, even a politician.

“After you read his book, you will learn as I did that he can help you and your livelihood.”

— Pat Williams, Senior Vice President, Orlando Magic


Discover how to accelerate your career and innovate your business.​

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