Express Training

Express Training is the rapid response solution for your media training needs.

In a perfect world, you’d prepare for your dealings with reporters by participating in an in person media relations workshop. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned.

When your company confronts a last minute media relations challenge, you may not have enough time to take advantage of a face-to-face workshop. That’s where Express Training makes the difference. It’s an intensely focused media training conducted in one hour via video link or telephone.

Express Training is the one-hour clinic that covers the nuts and bolts of how to deal with reporters, giving you:

      • Essential strategic advice
      • Practice time
      • Review of your message

And Express Training is flexible. Use it as:

      • A stand alone mini-media training workshop
      • An emergency consultation when confronted by a time crunch
      • An under-the-gun refresher course
      • An introduction to your comprehensive media training workshop.

Express Training empowers you with a tight message, sharpened interview skills, and a renewed focus on what it takes to succeed when working with the press.

Plus, each participant receives Ed’s book Reporters Don’t Hate You: 100+ Amazing Media Relations Strategies.

Express Training — the perfect solution when you need to act quickly. Hop aboard your Express Training today. Call (703) 533-0403 for details.

Need to turn around on a dime with a response to the media? No time for a formal media training workshop? “Express Training” is the answer.
Call (703) 533-0403 or send us an email to start the train rolling.