Exceptional books on business communication by Ed Barks

Straight talk you need to reach your business and public policy goals

When is the last time an author appeared as a guest at your book club? Here’s your chance.

If your reading group focuses on business books, we have a deal for you. Invite author Ed Barks for a conversation with your group’s members when you read any of his three books:

Meeting During the Pandemic

Has your business book club or reading group fallen by the wayside since you can’t gather in person due to the coronavirus crisis? Here’s a way to keep your group together.

Ed will host your members on Zoom (or you can host it yourself; your choice). Until recently, book clubs were responsible for piping him in from afar for author talks. Now, he will take on that chore. It’s one more way we’re helping communications and public affairs experts navigate these challenging days.

How Does It Work?

It’s easy. Ed joins you via a video conference service like Skype or Zoom (or speaker phone, if you prefer). All you need to do is gather your members. It’s an opportunity for your group to discuss the issues that matter most to you. Ed even sends you a list of potential discussion questions for your group’s consideration. Plus, everyone receives a subscription to his “Communications Community” newsletter.There is no cost to you. And the guidelines are simple:

  • This is for business people who read business books. Those who primarily read and discuss fiction, poetry, “motivational” self-help, or memoirs are not a good fit.
  • Members of your group must commit to reading the book.
  • They should come prepared with discussion questions. This is a give-and-take conversation, not a droning lecture.

That’s it. All Ed asks is an engaged and enthusiastic group of business people who have read the book and are prepared for a stimulating conversation.

How Can I Request a Book Club Session with Ed?

Simple. Just send him an email addressing the following areas:

  • What is the name of your reading group?
  • Where are you located?
  • How many members normally attend?
  • What is the typical profile of your reading group’s members?
  • Which of Ed’s books did you read?
  • Why did your group decide to read that particular book?
  • Does your group focus on one particular business function (e.g., communications, government relations, investor relations) or industry (e.g., health care, financial services)?
  • What dates and times are most convenient for your group?

Here’s how it works once your chat is scheduled: Your organizer and Ed will log in to the session 15 minutes before the scheduled start time to square away the logistics and to give Ed added insights into your group. Your conversation with the author lasts 30-60 minutes (he doesn’t run a strict clock on these chats; the more engaging your insights and questions, the longer the conversation is likely to last).

Your reading group members get to know Ed while discussing how they can become brilliant communicators by using strategies revealed in his books — the very same strategies that his more than 5000 students employ.

Contact Ed today to get that conversation with your reading group on everyone’s calendar. 

Check out all of Ed’s books. Available wherever you prefer to buy yours.

After you purchase your books, ask your local library to order a few copies of each volume

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