A Speaker with Substance

The success of your organization depends on your team’s ability to deliver a crisp, concise message — a message that helps you bring your story to life for customers, co-workers, professional associates, reporters, lawmakers, and more.

Ed Barks puts your team on the right communications track by speaking on today’s important communications issues.

He typically delivers a 30- to 60-minute interactive talk, provided via Zoom during the pandemic. Among Ed’s topics:

      • Reporters Don’t Hate You: Your spokespeople and media relations staff will gain insights into creating a healthy attitude and adding confidence-inspiring communications skills.
      • A+ Strategies for C-Suite Communications: Your level of influence directly affects the bottom line as well as your business and public policy goals. Discover what it takes to craft a cohesive communications strategy and implement a sustained professional development program for your executives.
      • The Three Keys to Great Presentations: Empower senior level executives with strategies and tactics that allow them to achieve corporate goals by sharpening their skills as communicators.
      • The 411 on Q&A: What Questions Do You Have for My Answers? Those who represent the public face of your organization will find out what it takes to control the flow of the conversation when responding to questions from reporters, audiences…even co-workers.
      • How Important Are Nonverbal Signals? Your spokespeople will understand how to utilize nonverbal tools to connect more effectively at the podium, before the reporter’s notebook, and in the workplace.
      • Advocating in Today’s Harsh Political Climate: As the political ground rules shift, you need more than the facts on your side when delivering your message to policymakers. Ed shows how to target and persuade the opinion leaders that matter.

Put Ed’s deep experience as a communications strategy consultant to work for you. He provides the strategies and tactics that show your team what it takes to communicate your message in powerful fashion. Plus, his friendly and animated style gets the audience engaged and makes learning fun.

Don’t forget to ask about special offers for Ed’s books when you bring him on board to speak to your meeting or conference.

Working with Ed Barks is easy. Secure him to speak at your next meeting today by calling (703) 533-0403.

Here’s a profitable move. Purchase Ed’s books and you’re eligible for some great extra benefits. Choose from Reporters Don’t Hate You, A+ Strategies for C-Suite Communications, and The Truth About Public Speaking — mix and match if you like.

Choose the deal that’s right for you and you receive these extras:

  • 3 books: One for your bookshelf, one for your chief communications officer, one for your CEO. Your extras: A 30-minute video call to help you maximize the benefits from your books.
  • 25 books: Great professional gifts for clients and associates. Your extras: 60 days of email access to Ed plus a 60-minute video call designed to fine tune your communications and public affairs strategies.
  • 100 books: Sharpen your entire team’s communications edge. Your extras: Two 90-minute video training sessions for you and one of your executives focusing on media relations, public speaking, or advocacy — your choice. Oh, and you get 60 days of email access to Ed.

Call (703) 533-0403. Do it today and begin refining your company’s messages and sharpening your executives’ communications skills.

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