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Ed Barks publishes books, research reports, position papers, and articles designed to help his clients enhance their reputations and achieve their long-term business and public policy goals. This emphasis on providing knowledge over the long run is what separates Ed from the pack. It also sharpens his own knowledge, keeping him at the forefront of the communications consulting field.

Below you’ll find a sampling of his content. We encourage you to take advantage of and benefit from Ed’s research into communications strategy, media training, public speaking, presentation skills training, Congressional testimony preparation, and Capitol Hill visits. Contact him at (703) 533-0403 or via email with your questions and reactions.

Ed’s books:

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Ed’s research reports and position papers delve into such critical topics as:

      • If You Thought 2020 Was Challenging; The Future of Professional Development in a Hybrid Working World
      • Thrill on the Hill: Using Congressional Testimony to Achieve Public Policy Success
      • The Lasting Effects of Media Training: Lifelong Learning or Temporary Phenomenon?
      • Can We Talk Off the Record? Increasing Understanding Between Reporters and Media Relations Experts
      • “Eleven Elements to Model a Magnetic Message: How to Shape Your Story for the Press, Policymakers, and the Public”
      • “Remote Media Interviews Are Here to Stay: How Your Spokespeople Can Thrive”
      • “Maximize Your Next Media Training: Best Practice Standards”
      • “Does Anybody Have Any Questions for My Answers: The 411 on Q&A”
      • “Five Minutes with Your Member of Congress: Navigating Your Next Washington Fly-in”
      • “How Important Are Nonverbal Signals?”

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