It’s Here! The AP Style guide for media relations. Yours will be dog-eared in no time!

“Ed doesn’t mince words and offers a treasure trove of good ideas. It’s a must-have for anyone trying to figure out how the media work – and how they can become a pro at mastering media relations.”

— Cornelius “Neil” Foote, Jr., president, National Black Public Relations Society

“Ed Barks has put together a book that should be on the reading list not just of media professionals, but also for journalists.”

— Gil Klein, director University of Oklahoma’s Washington Journalism Program and
past president of the National Press Club

“Reporters Don’t Hate You: 100+ Amazing Media Relations Strategies is a must-have desktop reference for anyone who deals with the press.”

— Dr. Glenn Cummings, President, The University of Southern Maine

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Dealing with the press is a high wire act. Skilled spokespeople realize that they hold their company’s future in their hands. Yet even the savviest of media relations pros will admit they could use a reliable, convenient go-to guide. Here it is.

Implementing the common sense advice in this book will move you toward achieving your critical business and public policy goals. Reporters Don’t Hate You covers it all:

  • How to build meaningful, beneficial relationships with reporters
  • Why sustained practice is so essential — and tips for how to do it
  • What it takes to handle the hottest of hot potato questions
  • How to avoid falling victim to reporter tricks and traps
  • Why you should compose your headline before the editors do
  • Best practices for TV interviews

Whether developing magnetic messaging, granting interviews, or engaging on digital media, you need a ready reference. Reporters Don’t Hate You is the resource you‘ve been seeking.​

It takes a lifetime to prepare to meet the media. It only takes one bad interview to undo all that hard work. Ed Barks can prevent you from stumbling into the bad interview abyss.

Buy this book now and start controlling your business deals with the press.


It’s the AP Style Guide for Media Relations​

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