National Press Club Members Re-elect Barks to Three-year Term on Board of Governors

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Friday, December 14, 2012                                            (540) 955-0600


Members of the National Press Club overwhelmingly elected Barks Communications President Ed Barks as their representative on the club’s board of governors in voting held today at the club’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. He will serve a second three-year term.

“Journalism is evolving rapidly and, in many ways, unpredictably,” Barks said. “We need to help prepare our members—both Communicators and Journalists—for a sometimes bumpy ride.”

“While we have moved things in the right direction over the past several years, more work remains,” Barks added. “I am proud to have played a role in improving member services and in bridging the gap between Journalists and Communicators. I am committed to seeing those gains consolidated.

“I am deeply grateful for the support and encouragement of club leaders and rank and file members,” he continued, “and look forward to our ongoing collaborations in the years ahead.”

Among the planks in Barks’ campaign platform is the creation of a Communications Summit for the club’s many members who work in the public affairs and public relations arenas. He was elected to the board of governors by that segment of the membership. He joins two other board members elected by the club’s Communicator members as well as 12 elected by Journalists.

“It is gratifying to be able to give something back to a community that has treated me well for decades,” he said. “I look forward to continuing my work to strengthen the profession and to serve the members of the National Press Club, a world renowned institution for both journalists and communicators.”

Prior to his first election to the board of governors in 2009, Barks served as chair of the club’s Communications and Marketing Committee. He has also been active over the years on the club’s Book and Author Committee and as a frequent volunteer at club activities. In addition, he is a multiple recipient of the club’s prestigious Vivian award.

Ed Barks zeroes in on the messages and skills that executives need on a daily basis. They gain sharper verbal and nonverbal talents, greater confidence, more opportunities for career advancement, and achievement of long-term business goals. He is the author of The Truth About Public Speaking: The Three Keys to Great Presentations. As President of Barks Communications since 1997, he has taught more than 4200 business leaders, association executives, and other experts how to succeed when they deal with the media, deliver presentations, and testify before government officials.