The Media Training Blog Debuts

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Thursday, October 24, 2013                                          (540) 955-0600


“The Media Training Blog” has arrived. The new service delivers commentary and analysis from veteran communications training consultant Ed Barks.

“I want The Media Training Blog to become a community where executives, spokespeople, and those who advise them can learn and contribute,” said Barks, President of Barks Communications. “And the contribution part is important. Robust, revealing, respectful debate is encouraged.”

Barks will write on issues that have mattered to his clients during his more than 16 years of experience as a communications training consultant.

The first set of commentaries is a two-part series that examines the question, “Does Media Training Work?” Future thought pieces will delve into such issues as public speaking advice, how to deal with reporters effectively, and how to select the right communications training consultant.

While Barks is perhaps best known for his media training practice, he will also write about his other areas of expertise—presentation skills, Congressional testimony, and Capitol Hill fly-in visits. He is the author of The Truth About Public Speaking: The Three Keys to Great Presentations and various research reports and position papers that deal with those concerns.

“I’ll stick to what I know best,” he pledged. “I promise: No fluff about such hollow topics as ‘life balance’ or what I had for breakfast this morning.”

Fresh—and sometimes provocative—content will be one of the blog’s hallmarks. “There are few things more indicative of an expert who doesn’t care than a blog that hasn’t been updated in months or years,” Barks said. “The Media Training Blog will be updated regularly with original and, I hope, intriguing observations and opinions.”

Visitors can read and participate in The Media Training Blog at

As a communications training consultant and author, Barks’ corporate and association clients hire him to provide them with the messages and communications skills their executives need on a daily basis. They gain sharper verbal and nonverbal talents, more confidence, added opportunities for career advancement, and realization of long-term business goals. The former radio broadcaster is the author of The Truth About Public Speaking: The Three Keys to Great Presentations. As President of Barks Communications since 1997, he has taught more than 4600 business leaders, association executives, and other experts how to succeed when they deal with the media, deliver presentations, and testify before government officials.