Barks Highlights Value of National Press Club Membership

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The headline reads, “News Flash: The National Press Club Is Not Just for Reporters.” An article in Public Relations Tactics penned by Barks Communications President Ed Barks follows.

Barks outlines the reasons for his involvement in the prestigious club, encouraging other communications professionals to consider becoming part of that community, too.

He begins by writing, “Most of us give back to our communities in some form. Some dedicate their time and talents to combating dread diseases. Many volunteer at their child’s school or the local hospital. Still others step forward to aid their professions. That’s where I’ve decided to devote my energies the past few years, serving on the National Press Club (NPC) Board of Governors.”

Many communications and public affairs professionals are surprised to learn that they may be eligible to join, thinking that only journalists are entitled. In fact, nearly half of the esteemed club’s members hail from the communications field.

In addition to his fiduciary responsibilities as a board member, Barks emphasizes the importance of advocating for his communicator constituents to ensure they receive the benefits and attention they deserve.

He explains some of the reasons behind his NPC involvement. First, given his past in radio broadcasting, is the notion of giving back to the journalism community.

He writes, “There are also aspects that benefit my professional profile. In fact, the National Press Club has proven to be a godsend for me and for my business. For example, there’s the prestige of inviting clients and colleagues to events or lunch at the club. Guests never fail to be impressed.”

The article continues, “As an independent consultant, my involvement also gives me business insights into a larger organization. Dealing firsthand with audits, budgets, membership matters, and personnel issues helps me to better serve my clients.”

Ed Barks zeroes in on the messages and skills that executives need on a daily basis in order to persuade and inform their publics. They gain an enhanced reputation, more confidence, added opportunities for career advancement, and realization of long-term business goals. The former radio broadcaster is the author of The Truth About Public Speaking: The Three Keys to Great Presentations, and community organizer at The Media Training Blog. As President of Barks Communications since 1997, he has taught more than 5000 business leaders, association executives, and other experts how to succeed when they deal with the media, deliver presentations, and testify before government officials.