Article Reveals How to Answer the Really Tough Questions

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Public affairs and public relations experts answer questions all day long—from reporters, audiences, and policymakers. Of equal importance, these communicators must also teach their spokespeople how to effectively manage their responses in similar circumstances.

They now have another resource to help guide them through this complex process thanks to an article by Ed Barks in the online publication All About Public Relations.

The article is titled, “How to Answer the Really Tough Questions: When relentless reporters and opinion leaders really dig in.” Barks begins by writing, “Every single day your spokespeople answer questions from reporters, public officials, and other audiences. Unfortunately, few give any forethought to managing their responses.”

His advice goes on to describe the benefits of managing Q&A responses, how to anticipate hard-hitting questions, and how to sort questions into more easily manageable categories.

“Q&A management is an important part of every communicator’s responsibilities,” Barks said. “Few of us enjoy the opportunity of delivering a message in an unfiltered fashion. This article provides a solid grounding in the basics of Q&A strategies.

“It explains how to turn the conversation more in your direction and to assert control,” he continued, “and revolves around bottom line benefits that provide a boost to an executive’s career and to his organization’s long-term performance.”

The article is available at It is based upon Barks’ position paper, “Does Anybody Have Any Questions for My Answers? The 411 on Q&A.”

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