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Some people are excited by artificial intelligence writing tools. I get it. It’s a shiny new object that appears fascinating from a technology point of view, and might prove to be a time saver for some uses (though it may also prove to be an excellent time waster).

Count me out from the AI writing schemes. Why? It is growing difficult to discern what is written by humans and what is slapped together by “intelligence” masquerading as a real person.

Schoolteachers and college professors may have the toughest road. Business executives won’t have an easy time of it either.

There are many pitfalls here, not the least of which is the specious sources from which some AI writing schemes scrape content. Disinformation and theft of writers’ intellectual property top the list.

One thing I can guarantee: You will find only ideas generated by real human beings on this website; no artificial ingredients.

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