Trailer – The Truth About Public Speaking

Welcome to The Truth About Public Speaking podcast. It’s the series that puts you front and center when you’re front and center.

In this trailer episode, business author and communications strategy consultant Ed Barks sets out what you can expect to gain when you listen to this 10-part Special Limited Series.

Gain advice capable of advancing your career, generating more revenue for your business, adding more members to your association, carrying the day for your public policy issues, and earning confidence and professional esteem.

Who benefits?

      • Senior business executives
      • Communications and public affairs pros
      • Lawyer, accountants, and other professional services consultants
      • Issue experts
      • Entrepreneurs

Make your presentations matter by adding The Truth About Public Speaking to your professional development routine. Programs run from five to ten minutes — enough time to give you value and context while not belaboring your busy schedule.


Meet Ed Barks.

Get your copy of Ed’s book, The Truth About Public Speaking: The Three Keys to Great Presentations. Available wherever you prefer to buy your books.