Reporter’s Roundup

You conduct an interview with a reporter and await the results with great anticipation. Will your favorite quote appear in the article or broadcast? Or will the reporter use that one instance where you allowed that offhand remark to slip past your lips?

Reporter’s Roundup shows everyone on your staff, from the CEO to the newly minted manager, exactly what they can expect when dealing with the media.

I’ve spent time in newsrooms. I dedicated nine years of service to the National Press Club Board of Governors. I’ve conducted 900 Reporter’s Roundup exercises with corporate and association executives, scientists, celebrities … even sports stars. I know it works.

So let it work for you. Let’s have a conversation so you can learn more, and schedule your interview.

Here’s how it works. I interview you over the telephone or video link just like a real newsperson would. Thanks to your input and some independent research, I know what questions to ask and how to ask them.

Next, you receive a news article based on the conversation. Check out a sample Reporter’s Roundup here.

Your article arrives by email within 90 minutes. It highlights the positives — as well as the tricks and traps you step into:

      • Did you deliver your message loud and clear?
      • Did you come across as a knowledgeable news source?
      • Did the reporter manage to plant words in your mouth leading you to say things you never imagined you would utter?
      • Did your voice betray the fact that you were nervous?

Reporter’s Roundup energizes you with these valuable benefits:

      • Improve your performance during media interviews.
      • Gain confidence when participating in exchanges with the press.
      • Attain your business and public policy goals.
      • Discover how you can guide the conversation when you talk with reporters.
      • Secure best practices for dealing with the national press, your local newspapers, key trade journals, podcasts, and more.
      • Broaden your reputation among the media.

And consider this added benefit. Reporter’s Roundup doesn’t end when you read your article. We get back on the phone or video call to consult with you once you receive it. Going this extra mile gives you instant feedback and concrete strategies designed to improve your performance both today and in the long run.

Take advantage of Reporter’s Roundup as a standalone professional development experience or as part of your media training workshop.

Sharpen your communications edge with Reporter’s Roundup. For more details, call (703) 533-0403 or send an email.

Curious how your message will play with reporters? “Reporter’s Roundup” is the answer.

Call (703) 533-0403 or send an email to schedule your roundup.