Remote Communications Training Solutions

The world changed in March 2020 when interviews via Skype and Zoom became the order of the day. Even today, it remains a sometimes intimidating way of communicating for many spokespeople.

What steps should your company take to maximize your odds for success during remote interviews with the press? The emphasis remains on the core principles in any meaningful program:

  • Message development, refinement, and discipline
  • Simulated interviews that replicate the real thing
  • A sustained program that encourages professional development over time

Given newsroom cost-cutting proclivities, the ease of beaming in distant guests, and other factors, Zoom interviews are here for the long haul. What does that mean to you? Your company needs a long-term strategy for remote exchanges.

Take a look at these remote solutions:

  • Reporter’s Roundup, the telephone or video interview that results in a realistic news article.
  • Express Training, the one-hour clinic that covers the nuts and bolts of how to deal with reporters.

Let’s talk. Discover what a program for your company might look like.

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