New Podcast Reveals the Truth About Public Speaking

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Thursday, September 15, 2022                                           (703) 533-0403


A new podcast series puts you front and center when you’re front and center. “The Truth About Public Speaking” is hosted and produced by business author and communications strategy consultant Ed Barks.

The audio offering, a 10-part special limited series, empowers listeners with solid presentation skills — advancing their careers, generating more revenue for their businesses, carrying the day for public policy issues, and earning professional esteem.

The series covers such critical issues as how to prepare for a presentation, excel while speaking, deal with audience questions, and more.

The new program is intended for professionals including:

      • The senior business executive who needs to refine speaking skills
      • The worker who wants to enhance performance during remote meetings
      • The communications pro responsible for teaching the boss how to speak in public more effectively
      • The public policy expert who testifies before Congress and other legislative or regulatory bodies
      • The junior employee seeking to climb the corporate ladder
      • The entrepreneur newly accustomed to public attention

Listeners are encouraged to subscribe so they don’t miss a single episode. The Truth About Public Speaking podcast is available from leading distributors. Each program runs five to ten minutes — enough time to provide value and context while not belaboring subscribers’ busy schedules.

The first episode, “The Three Keys to Great Presentations,” was published today, with subsequent episodes to be released each Thursday throughout the 10-part serial. The trailer describing the series offers an introduction.

Barks has designs on additional series in 2023 and beyond. “Public speaking is but one building block when it comes to business communications,” he noted. “A stellar professional reputation also depends on solid media relations and advocacy skills, so I plan to dig into those areas and others in subsequent programming.”

“Podcasting takes me back to my radio broadcasting days,” said Barks, who spent a decade as a broadcaster prior to launching his career in communications. “Audio has long been my preferred medium. While I’ve done video and certainly a lot of writing over the years, audio programming represents my roots.”

Ed Barks is a business author and communications strategy consultant who works on extended engagements with Fortune 1000, Inc. 500, and association clients that want to refine their message and sharpen their executives’ communications skills. They gain an enhanced reputation, greater confidence, more opportunities for career advancement, and achievement of long-term business and public policy goals. He is the author of four books: Insider Strategies for the Confident Communicator, Reporters Don’t Hate You, A+ Strategies for C-Suite Communications, and The Truth About Public Speaking. As President of Barks Communications, he has taught more than 5500 spokespeople how to succeed when they deal with the media, deliver presentations, and advocate before policymakers.