Media Training

The last thing your reputation needs is a cookie cutter approach to media training. That’s a risky proposition for your bottom line and your career.

That’s why Ed works closely with you to tailor a communications strategy that magnetizes your message and sharpens your skills.

Your Needs, Your Agenda

Whether held in person or remote, your media training workshop demonstrates how to:

  • Craft and deliver messages that pack a punch
  • Reduce anxiety when dealing with the media
  • Lead the reporter to ask questions about your topic
  • Handle hot potatoes
  • Develop effective sound bites that can lead to positive news clips

Ed prepares leaders from diverse fields — health care, science, finance, technology, environment, sports, and entertainment, just to name a few — for interviews with the media outlets that matter to you.

Most of us learn by doing. That’s why you participate in simulated interviews. You gain valuable experience in the security of your own training environment, sharpening your strengths and addressing your challenges.

How to Start Working with Ed

Ed typically consults on long- and short-term media strategy and training projects with senior executives at Fortune 1000 and Inc. 500 corporations, large associations, and public affairs and public relations agencies.

He strongly believes that the best spokespeople hone their talents by participating in a sustained professional development program. If your interest is solely in checking a box to say your executives have been “media trained,” we are not a good match. If, on the other hand, you are committed to using your media relations efforts to attain your long-term business and public policy goals, get in touch.

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