How to Model a Magnetic Message

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“If you are looking for a fast route to sabotaging your reputation, I can think of no more direct path than neglecting your messaging efforts.”

So begins the second edition of “Eleven Elements to Model a Magnetic Message: How to Shape Your Story for the Press, Policymakers, and the Public,” the revised position paper issued today by Ed Barks.

It continues, “One messaging misstep and your reputation — one you have probably spent many years and much energy cultivating — is out the window. Good luck repairing it. That will prove a long, slow, painful — and sometimes unsuccessful — odyssey.”

Barks, a business author and communications strategy consultant, notes that “A magnetic message is mandatory for any business that hopes to succeed.

“A healthy bottom line — be it financial or reputational — rests upon a company’s spokespeople to define and deliver that message,” he added. “Victory in the court of public opinion is also at stake.”

The revised publication provides a foundation for companies in need of magnetic messages and savvy spokespeople.

Barks goes into depth on each of the 11 elements he unveils:

    1. Identify
    2. Construct
    3. Collaborate
    4. Focus
    5. Examine
    6. Flavor
    7. Fortify
    8. Heed
    9. Test
    10. Chronicle
    11. Broadcast

“’Eleven Elements to Model a Magnetic Message’ is designed for communications executives and the C-suite leaders they advise,” said Barks. “They will be ahead of the game — if they use these principles to create and deliver a magnetic message the very next time they talk to the press, public, or policymakers on issues ranging from crises to the seemingly mundane.”

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Ed Barks is an author and communications strategy consultant who works on extended engagements with Fortune 1000, Inc. 500, and association clients that want to refine their message and sharpen their executives’ communications skills. They gain an enhanced reputation, greater confidence, more opportunities for career advancement, and achievement of long-term business and public policy goals. He is the author of four books: Insider Strategies for the Confident Communicator, Reporters Don’t Hate You, A+ Strategies for C-Suite Communications, and The Truth About Public Speaking. As President of Barks Communications, he has taught more than 5500 spokespeople how to succeed when they deal with the media, deliver presentations, and advocate before policymakers.