Five Minutes with Your Member of Congress

How does your organization prepare for Capitol Hill lobby days? You’ll find the answers in the newly revised position paper, “Five Minutes with Your Member of Congress: Navigating Your Next Washington Fly-in.”

Get your copy when you join the Communications Community. The updated resource explains Congress’ current policies for visits by the public: “The pandemic changed Capitol Hill and how its denizens interact with the public. The coronavirus crisis created a new environment as fly-ins morphed into Zoom-ins.”

Congress is still following reasonable health and safety precautions and has yet to reopen fully. As the paper notes, “When arriving for meetings on either the House or Senate side, visitors must wait outside to be escorted by staff.”

Thus, the Zoom-in (as I like to call it) remains intact. As the revised paper notes, “Smart organizations realize that a two-prong approach is necessary to get their advocates up to speed on both in person and remote Congressional visits. With many offices still taking only video meetings, preparation for a Zoom-in still demands attention.”

“Five Minutes with Your Member of Congress” contains the strategic and tactical advice that prepares your grassroots advocates.

Get your copy today and position yourself for public policy success.

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