Ethics Guidelines

Honesty and integrity are essential when communicating with the public, reporters, and policymakers. We guide our clients toward ethical behavior when they deliver presentations, deal with the media, and testify before public officials.

In return, we owe our clients a principled approach in our relationships with them. These guidelines affirm Barks Communications’ commitment to the highest ethical standards:

      • We hold our clients’ interests paramount.
      • We never advise clients to lie or to skirt the truth. We will terminate relationships with clients who are not truthful.
      • We realize confidentiality is a major concern of many of our clients. As a result, we do not discuss our work for clients in public or private without their consent. This means that all proprietary or privileged information is never disclosed without the client’s express approval.
      • We strive to avoid any potential conflicts of interest or appearances thereof.
      • We will disclose our fees and any anticipated expenses prior to beginning an engagement.
      • We maintain a professional outlook and appearance at all times.
      • We act with integrity and professionalism in all our dealings with clients, professional colleagues, vendors, and others.

Ed’s books reflect his commitment to ethical standards