Ed Talks About Insider Strategies for the Confident Communicator

Insider Strategies for the Confident Communicator has the intelligence you need in bite-size form. Now! You can get your copy with Ed’s compliments.

It’s like a greatest hits album from your favorite band. This book has everything you need to steel yourself to meet with a reporter, ace that big presentation, and advocate before policymakers.

You get essential strategies at your fingertips — strategies that help you attain your business and public policy goals — in small, tasty morsels — wrapped in one book cover.

Who benefits from Insider Strategies for the Confident Communicator?

    • Executives who speak in a wide variety of public forums, in person and remote
    • Corporate and association spokespeople who deal with the media
    • Professionals who want to shine during video meetings and presentations
    • C-suite leaders seeking to advance their company’s business goals
    • Government relations pros charged with attaining public policy objectives
    • Subject matter experts who tend to drift when addressing audiences, reporters, and public officials
    • Developing executives motivated to climb the corporate ladder
    • Entrepreneurs newly accustomed to public attention

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