Coronavirus Crisis Resources

Barks Communications is opening its vault of resources during the coronavirus pandemic. This emergency free access will last through the duration of the crisis.

Company President Ed Barks emphasized, “We are going to get through this eventually,” adding, “Those companies that keep their heads above water during these turbulent times will survive the choppy tide. They are also likely to be the ones ready to hit the ground running whenever and however we emerge from the coronavirus-instigated crisis.”

Among the offerings are three position papers:

Barks is also offering free access to these tip sheets:

You may also find value in recent videos Barks has produced that deal with the current emergency. Find them at Communications Strategy TV.

Entries on the C-suite Blueprint blog will often deal with the crisis, too. When you visit, be sure to click the “Follow” button to stay up to date.

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We encourage you to share these resources with colleagues both in your company and elsewhere.