Communications, Government Relations Pros Gain Access to Essential Reference, Thanks to New Book

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Communications and government relations experts now have a brand new reference guide at their fingertips.

The book is titled Insider Strategies for the Confident Communicator: How to Master Meetings, Presentations, Interviews, and Advocacy by Ed Barks, published today by Ogmios Publishing.

Barks, a business author and communications strategy consultant, describes the book as “a greatest hits album from your favorite band or, in this case, author.”

Those greatest hits come courtesy of three dozen-plus concise Insider Strategies briefs that form the basis of the book. Subjects include:

    • 12 Roadblocks to Speaking Success
    • Your Media Rights and Responsibilities
    • Fine-tuning Your Capitol Hill Strategy
    • Become a Video Conference Pro
    • Crucial Crisis Communications Clues

The volume is targeted toward business professionals such as:

    • An executive who speaks in a wide variety of public forums, in person and remote
    • A corporate or association spokesperson who deals with the media
    • A professional who wants to shine during video meetings and presentations
    • A C-suite leader seeking to advance their company’s business goals
    • A government relations pro charged with attaining public policy objectives
    • A subject matter expert who tends to drift when addressing audiences, reporters, and public officials
    • A developing executive motivated to climb the corporate ladder
    • An entrepreneur newly accustomed to attention from the press and public

The advice covers the waterfront of communications and public affairs topics, ranging from how spokespeople can prepare to meet the media, deliver a winning presentation, and plead their case before public officials. It also includes bonus sections on matters including crisis communications, devising quotable quotes, and more.

In a welcome development, Barks announced “Insider Strategies for the Confident Communicator will remain forever free.”

As he writes in the Introduction, “I decided to offer the advice here in one complimentary resource to give you a one-stop guide for all your communications endeavors, whether you interact with audiences in overflowing auditoriums (or Zoom offerings), one-on-one conversations, or anything in between.”

The book is available in ebook format for free direct from Barks, and from booksellers.

The upshot for readers,” Barks said, “is that they will have ready-to-go strategies to help them achieve their business, career, and public policy goals. That is the real value.”

Ed Barks is an author and communications strategy consultant who works on extended engagements with Fortune 1000, Inc. 500, and association clients that want to refine their message and sharpen their executives’ communications skills. They gain an enhanced reputation, greater confidence, more opportunities for career advancement, and achievement of long-term business and public policy goals. He is the author of three previous books: Reporters Don’t Hate You: 100+ Amazing Media Relations Strategies, A+ Strategies for C-Suite Communications: Turning Today’s Leaders into Tomorrow’s Influencers, and The Truth About Public Speaking: The Three Keys to Great Presentations. As President of Barks Communications, he has taught more than 5500 spokespeople how to succeed when they deal with the media, deliver presentations, and advocate before policymakers.




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