Climbing the Hill

Your organization’s members are about to descend on Capitol Hill for their Washington fly-in or take to their devices for a Zoom-in. Don’t your grassroots troops deserve better than a hasty memo and a pat on the back for good luck?

Your organization’s success — as well as the success of your members and employees — hinges on your public policy efforts. Your “Climbing the Hill” seminar substitutes knowledge and preparation for blind luck. Grassroots advocates who receive an education about inside-the-Beltway etiquette prove more capable of persuading members of Congress to support their public policy objectives. As a result, they refuse to be intimidated by Capitol Hill.

The advocates in your Climbing the Hill seminar benefit from a review of the key messages they need to deliver to their members of Congress. They also gain advice on how to deliver those messages in a power-packed fashion. Each program also provides a recap of what to expect during your Washington fly-in.

We deal with such issues as the importance of Congressional staff and the brevity of most visits. The pros know that a one day seminar will not get the job done. There is a direct correlation between public policy success and the commitment of grassroots advocates to engage Senators and Representatives on a sustained basis. That’s why another critical element of Climbing the Hill is its concentration on leveraging your Capitol Hill visits at the local level.

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Important note: Before you begin working with Ed, it’s a good idea to review his position paper, “Five Minutes with Your Member of Congress: Navigating Your Next Washington Fly-in.”

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