Choose Your Words Carefully

Words are powerful symbols that help you take charge of your media interviews. Choose them wisely. Here is some advice to help point you in the right direction:

  • Stay positive. Tell your audience first what you will do, not what you hope to avoid.
  • Remain concise. Brevity equals quotability. You may get but one six to ten second quote in the article or broadcast package, so make sure to give it your best shot.
  • Prepare responses for routine questions. There are certain topics nearly every reporter will cover. Be ready for them and know which part of your message best addresses each one.
  • Steel yourself for hot button issues. Write down the hardball questions you most dread, and anticipate how you will use your message to respond.
  • Know when to say when. Stop talking when you are finished with your answer and wait for the next question. Rambling on aimlessly spells trouble.

Selecting the right words gets your story across and puts you in the driver’s seat.