CBS News Turns to Barks for Congressional Testimony Expertise

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When the CBS Evening News needed expert commentary on Congressional testimony, it turned to Ed Barks.

The network was producing a story on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s imminent appearances before House and Senate committees. It needed general insights into what it takes to deliver successful testimony as well as a specific look into what challenges he might face.

Barks told CBS Chief Congressional Correspondent Nancy Cordes that Zuckerberg was about to walk into “the most important business meeting you’re ever going to have,” a point he emphasizes to his clients who climb the Hill.

Barks, who serves as President of Barks Communications, was asked what approach the Facebook CEO should take. He noted Zuckerberg’s image of arrogance, telling CBS that his reputation “precedes him into the halls of Congress. The attitude has to be one of cooperation” at the witness table if he is to have any hope of emerging unscathed.

The story originally aired on the April 6 edition of the CBS Evening News and was re-broadcast the following day on CBS This Morning. Barks was the sole expert consulted by the network.

He also penned an article on the topic for the C-suite Blueprint blog, titled, “Mark Zuckerberg Prepares to Walk the Plank.” In it, he writes, “In his oral statement and during Q&A, he must get right to the point. A tech-laden statement will breeze right over the heads of most members of Congress and of the public that will be watching. And make no mistake, this is a public show as much as a Congressional hearing.”

The article goes on to say, “The stakes are high not only for Zuckerberg’s personal reputation, but for the success of his company.”

A series of videos on the web site includes one on testifying before Congressional committees. The site also offers numerous written resources on that and related subjects.

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