C-suite Blueprint Radio Tackles Press Freedom Issues

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What are legitimate news outlets to do in turbulent times like these? Julie Moos, executive director of the National Press Club Journalism Institute (NPCJI), offers some answers in the latest C-suite Blueprint Radio segment.

“Reporters are under attack. Unfounded allegations of ‘fake news’ abound. Journalism’s reputation continues to sink,” noted program host Ed Barks, president of Barks Communications.

“How can journalism regain trust? And what is our role in getting it there? Julie Moos offers some sensible solutions,” he added.

NPCJI advocates for a free press by educating reporters, offering scholarships, and operating the Eric Friedheim National Journalism Library.

Here are some of the main ideas covered in the interview:

  • Current press freedom issues, such as the invasion of the Capitol by domestic terrorists.
  • The risks faced by reporters in today’s environment, with particular focus on the extra perils photojournalists confront.
  • The progress NPCJI has made in establishing a Fallen Journalist Memorial.
  • The role communicators can and should play in supporting journalism in these times.
  • The professional fate of communicators who lie, and how they should be treated going forward.

“These conversations are meant to provide some tangible benefits to communications professionals,” said Barks. He urged listeners to add to the dialogue by contributing reactions in the “Leave a Reply” box on the C-suite Blueprint page.

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