Barks Opens Resource Vault to Aid Clients

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Monday, March 30, 2020                                                 (540) 955-0600

Barks Communications is providing emergency free access to a plethora of resources to assist communications and public affairs executives in this time of crisis.

“We need to help one another through this situation that none of us has experienced before,” said company President Ed Barks. “We’ve opened a coronavirus crisis page on our website at . It contains resources that offer some needed value at this critical and unprecedented time.”

“The main point is we are going to get through this eventually,” he emphasized. “Those companies that keep their heads above water during these turbulent times will survive the choppy tide. They are also likely to be the ones ready to hit the ground running whenever and however we emerge from the coronavirus-instigated crisis.

“This emergency access to free resources is intended to help during the short-term panic and, more importantly, the conditions that materialize once communications and public affairs agendas return to something close to normal,” he continued.

Over more than 20 years in business, Barks has compiled an impressive catalog of research reports, position papers, tip sheets, blog posts, and more. The free access materials are curated from that inventory, with updates where necessary to reflect the changing times.

Among the offerings are three position papers:

  • “The Forgotten Fear Factor: Communicating During a Hack Attack”
  • “Beyond the Bottom Line: 20 Ways to Reduce Reputational Risk”
  • “How Important Are Nonverbal Signals?”

Barks is also offering free access to a number of tip sheets:

  • NEW!!! How to Appear Professional on a Video Conference
  • NEW!!! How to Organize a Video Conference
  • Top 12 Panel Moderator Methods
  • Proven Methods Sure to Alienate a Reporter
  • Nine Audience Essentials Every Presenter Needs to Understand
  • Eight Crucial Crisis Communications Clues
  • Ten Techniques the Media Pros Employ

It also includes links to recent videos Barks has produced that deal with the current emergency. The free access to the coronavirus crisis resources is found at

The content will be updated as new backgrounders are developed. Subscribe to the Communications Community newsletter for regular updates.

“While the primary intent is to assist our clients in this time of need, availability of the free resources is available to all C-suite officers, communications executives, and government relations pros who need them, without restriction,” added Barks. “No signup necessary. No popup nags. You need this information and we want to get it to you unfettered.”

Ed Barks works as an advisor to communications executives to improve their companies’ messages and how they deliver them, and to government relations executives who want to reach their public policy goals. They gain an enhanced reputation, more opportunities for career advancement, and achievement of long-term business goals. He is the author of A+ Strategies for C-Suite Communications: Turning Today’s Leaders into Tomorrow’s Influencers and The Truth About Public Speaking: The Three Keys to Great Presentations. As President of Barks Communications, he has taught more than 5000 business leaders, association executives, and other experts how to succeed when they deal with the media, deliver presentations, and advocate before policymakers.