Author and communications strategy consultant Ed Barks works with communications and government relations executives who counsel their C-suite leaders, and with businesses and associations that need their communications strategy and messaging to deliver bottom line results.

Reporter’s Roundup

How do you come across when you deal with the press? Admit it, you’re curious.

I’ve got your answer. It’s Reporter’s Roundup.

You’re interviewed over the phone or on video, then I write an article based on the interview. It’s in your hands within 90 minutes. Quick. Straightforward. Not a big chunk out of your day.

I even hop back on the phone with you for a debrief that helps you forge a magnetic message and develop into a sparkling spokesperson.

Watch the video, and click here for details.

Then call me at (703) 533-0403. No pressure. No hype. No overbearing sales pitch. Just an exchange of ideas designed to help you fast forward your media relations profile.


Endorsed by such luminaries as Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell; former White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry; and Betsy Fischer Martin, Tim Russert’s Executive Producer on “Meet the Press.”



After a quarter-century-plus as a communications strategy and training consultant, I’ve decided some changes are in order. In a nutshell, here are my priorities going forward:

      • Strengthening ties with existing clients. Whether we worked together recently or decades ago, rest assured you remain a cherished member of my professional family.
      • Engagement in interesting projects. Let’s talk whenever you have a crucial media, presentation, or advocacy challenge. Maybe I’m interested, maybe not. It can’t hurt to have the conversation.
      • An emphasis on Reporter’s Roundup. Travel has become a chore, so remote options have taken on added attraction (crowded flights and airport lounges have lost their luster for me).
      • Concentrating on my books. With four already on the bookshelves, they are a source of personal and professional fulfillment.
      • A continued emphasis on my research and writing on critical communications issues.
      • Opening the door to all of my existing research reports and position papers. No email subscription signup. No barriers. I’m in a place in my career where I choose to give away these resources with no strings attached in hopes you will put them to good use and share them generously with your colleagues.
      • Pro bono projects. I’m pleased to offer services gratis to certain non-profit, educational, and charitable organizations that I view as effective advocates and with whose goals I agree. See the pro bono scholarship guidelines to determine if your organization might qualify.


(703) 533-0403