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A note from Ed Barks:

It has become second nature — publishing books, research reports, position papers, and articles designed to help my clients earn confidence, enhance their reputations, and achieve their long-term business and public policy goals.

I believe it’s important to maintain this emphasis on providing knowledge over the long run. Many other consultants don’t. It’s one thing that separates me from the pack. It also helps to keep me sharp, remaining at the forefront of the communications consulting field.

I’ve published four books:

I’ve also published more than a score of research reports and position papers to which you now have unfettered access. Yes, I’ve decided to open up the content vault with no strings attached.

What I do ask of you is this:

      • If you find one or more of these resources valuable in your communications or public affairs endeavors, share them with colleagues who may also utilize the knowledge.
      • Give this research a shout out on your digital media channels, using the link to this page.
      • Respect my intellectual property rights. Although you may read these resources and cite them in your musings (I hope you do), understand that it is all copyrighted material. Any quotations must be attributed using the publication’s title and my name as author, along with the appropriate link.

I encourage you to take advantage of and benefit from this research into communications strategy, media training, public speaking, presentation skills training, Congressional testimony preparation, and Capitol Hill fly-ins.

Questions and reactions are most welcome. Contact me at (703) 533-0403 (preferred, since we can have an actual conversation) or via email.

Research reports and position papers you can download immediately:

Media Relations:

Communications Strategy:



Professional Development:

Podcast Series:

Benefit from these books

Reporter’s Roundup shows in black and white the results you can expect from your next media interview.