A+ Strategies for C-Suite Communications:
Turning Today’s Leaders into Tomorrow’s Influencers

Legendary White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry talks about the value of A+ Strategies for C-Suite Communications:

“I hope every reader will forward a clandestine copy to the CEO, the one who needs to understand the all-important role that strategic communications plays in managing a business or organization.”

How would you like to have that type of leverage on your side? Here are the strategies you need if you are a communications or government relations executive seeking that seat at the table to deliver strategic counsel to your C-suite. This volume shows you how to chart a path toward sustained improvement.

You’ll achieve vital long-range business and public policy goals for your company while enhancing your own career.​ Gain invaluable insights on how to:​

    • Craft a cohesive communications strategy
    • Enhance your media relations capabilities
    • Sharpen your C-suite’s public speaking skills
    • Develop an advocacy strategy that delivers public policy results
    • Learn how you can implement a sustained professional development program
    • Make sure your messaging is magnetic
    • Prepare for reputational risk
    • Handle crisis communications

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Discover how to accelerate your career and innovate your business

with A+ Strategies for C-Suite Communications​









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